About JAFSCD Shareholding

JAFSCD became open access — free to all, worldwide — as a way to further its transformative impact.

Our model for open access is based on one familiar to those involved with food systems: community supported agriculture (CSA). JAFSCD became the world's first community-supported journal on January 1, 2018.

Ongoing support for open access comes from the annual contributions of JAFSCD Shareholders at colleges and universities, academic libraries, nonprofits, agencies, good food companies, and foundations; from our seven JAFSCD Partners; and from individual JAFSCD Shareholders.

There are a number of ways to be a shareholder in JAFSCD:

Become an organizational or academic program shareholder

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As the former administrator of RI Agricultural Partnership, former chair of the RI Food Policy Council, and current president of Eating with the Ecosystem, I am thrilled to be able to support a journal dedicated to increasing understanding of the food system.

—Kenneth Payne 

Cover of the summer 2015 issue of JAFSCD
On the cover of the summer 2015 issue, we see the hands of the Freedom Farmers' Market’s elder, Ms. Mattie, as she participates in the market’s pea-shelling contest in Oakland, California. See the article in the issue, Decolonizing a Food System: Freedom Farmers' Market as a Place for Resistance and Analysis. Photo by Adrionna Fike.