The first issue of JAFSCD was published on August 25, 2010, following two years of surveys, discussions with advisors and stakeholders, and planning.

JAFSCD transitioned to its innovative open access model on January 1, 2018, becoming the world's first "community-supported journal." It launched its first annual shareholder campaign in support of this model.

This JAFSCD Community website was created in 2023 to support the work and networking of those who make up the JAFSCD Community, including its JAFSCD partners, shareholding academic programs and organizations, and the JAFSCD Editorial Board.

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Cover of the inaugural issue of JAFSCD, summer 2010

On the cover of the 2010 inaugural issue of JAFSCD, Natalie Soghomonian of Soghomonian Farm in Fresno, California, shows off her family’s organic grapes. Natalie is the third generation of her family to produce these grapes and hopes one day to take the reins of this highly successful family business. Photo copyright 2008 by Duncan Hilchey.