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Borrowing from the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model in the local food movement, we invite you to join with others to contribute what you can in order to keep JAFSCD free to all.

We have many shareholders that are academic programs or departments, nonprofit organizations, academic libraries, etc. But for those who are unaffiliated or don't have a budget to draw from, we welcome your individual share!

In our inaugural individual shareholder campaign, we are setting a target of 500 people around the world to become individual shareholders.

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Your share helps JAFSCD grow and have greater impact:

  • Maintains our open access model — no paywall for anyone around the world
  • Supports outreach and engagement programs for emerging authors
  • Supports a new column on Indigenous food sovereignty
  • Expands Voices from the Grassroots commentaries
  • Launches our Wicked Problems webinar series
  • Helps us buy a new publishing platform

Your share also supports our . . .

  • Author mentoring program for new authors, especially those with nonacademic backgrounds
  • English as a Second Language support for non-native English-speaking authors
  • Engagement with historically Black, Hispanic, and Tribal institutions as well as with underserved communities
  • Outreach to authors of color
  • Upgrades to our website
  • Equitable pay for our editors and honoraria for key volunteers

Shareholder benefits include . . . 

  • Receiving our JAFSCD article heads-up email when new content is published
  • Participating in an annual equity and impact survey of the journal
  • Getting published by submitting your own Voices from the Grassroots commentary
  • You will be listed annually as a personal shareholder of JAFSCD in our fall issue

One simple act can make a world of difference.

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JAFSCD has had enormous impact since its inception! The journal is pioneering, integrative and relevant. I'm glad to support this innovative effort to ensure its reach and accessibility for all interested scholars and practitioners.

Clare Hinrichs, Penn State University


Thank You to All Who Have Joined!

We're making steady progress toward our goal of US$4,000 from individual shareholders: